Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Tribute...

My oldest daughter, Emily, has endured a week that no young wife ever wants to consider.  The loss of her husband, Chase on March 10, followed by all the necessities that follow a death.  

His funeral was yesterday, March 16.  She was brave, brave, brave. -- The words of the funeral were a blur for Emily, so I told my her that I'd write the words she'd most like to remember.

Chase was a fine man who adored his family.  He fell in love with Grace, his step-daughter, first and then, in very short order, her mother.  Chase adored them both and went to great lengths to DO things to make them happy.  He often sent flowers, brought home candies and small treats, took them on walks, and designed family play dates.  He once told me that he couldn't bear the thought of ever losing Grace --- or Emily.  :)

Chase and Emily loved road trips.  They enjoyed National Parks week and traveled throughout Utah. Just two weeks ago their family enjoyed a trip to California and spent time at the beach, Sea World, Disneyland and Universal Studio.

They spent many weekends at Bear Lake with Chase's family enjoying boating, fishing and hanging out with family at the lake. -- Summers were full of backyard picnics, cousins, and making fresh pasta. Winters were filled with snowball fights, snow play, and hot chocolate parties with passionate kisses.
(If you've never had "Passionate Kisses," here's the recipe:  Drink hot chocolate through a Thin Mint  (or Grasshopper) cookie.  Take a tiny bite out of each side of the cookie and use it like a straw.  The inside with melt from the hot chocolate, but it's your job to slurp up the cookie just before it melts.  If you don't, it will be a melty pile of yumminess in the bottom of your cup.)

Chase loved to cook with Emily and they loved hosting guests for dinner. They were delighted to have company and often did. They loved movies, concerts, and window shopping together.

Henry was born with some challenges and teaching Henry to walk and sign (talk) has been Chase's delight. He was Henry's greatest cheer-leader, as a good dad ought to be.   It was delightful to watch the father/son bond grow.

Their children were the light of their lives and they eagerly looked forward to the birth of their new child in July. They were busy trying out names and discussing just who their new little one would be.

Chase often came home for lunch just to kiss Em and see the kids before nap time.  He was always helpful at home with household chores, and especially so when Emily was expecting a baby.  He always washed the floors, cleaned the bathrooms and took out the trash.  He was also a diaper-changer extraordinaire who never complained about diaper duty, and even volunteered for it.

When it came to discipline of the children he was kind and attentive.  He believed in talking gently and calmly and listening.

Last year Chase decided to learn to knit and loved the new hobby. He and Emily spent many evenings watching movies while he knit and Em crocheted.  The long waits at Primary Children's during Henry's surgeries were spent knitting.

Chase was a delightful son-in-law.  He often dropped in to talk and frequently told me I was his "favorite mother-in-law," assuring me that even if he had more than one, I would still be the favorite.

Chase adopted Emily's love of musical theater and had decided to learn to sing and dance so he could audition for a local theater production.  He had great plans to become an actor.

Emily is lost without the love and companionship of her best friend.  The children miss their dad and don't understand their new life without him.

He is loved and missed.

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Chase's Obituary

Chase Roger Nielsen, born November 28, 1983 in Ogden, UT passed away unexpectedly Sunday evening March 10, 2013 leaving his sweetheart-wife, Emily and step-daughter, Grace, son Henry, and a new baby anticipated in July. They were a happy family residing in Hyrum, UT. Chase was 29.

Chase was a brilliant man who loved to learn and excelled in many different fields. He graduated from Roy High School class of 2002. He also received his Associates degree from Weber State in 2002.  Chase was accepted in to the Nuclear program when he joined the Navy, and after his military service he continued his education at the University of Utah and later at Utah State University.

Chase worked for Great Western Park and Playground and loved his job and his work family. He was able to tell every one that he was a project manager, but lovingly told friends he was a “parkitect.” Designing playground space brought him great satisfaction.

Chase enjoyed spending time with his family at Bear Lake.  He enjoyed fishing, boating, knee-boarding and wakeboarding.  He loved spending time with his family playing video games with his brothers and children, watching movies, taking the kids to the park, and making fresh pasta in the summertime.

Chase is survived by his wife, Emily Ann (White) Nielsen, his step-daughter Grace, his son Henry, and a new baby who will be born in July. Also, his parents, father, Roger Nielsen (Shelly), mother, Nancy Gale Knaus, brothers, Eric Nielsen, Cory Nielsen, step-sister, Jessica Trythall (Kenny), step-brother, Tyson Spencer (Ryan), and many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Chase will also be missed by his in-laws, Chris and Dana White and Emily’s extended family.

The “Chase Nielsen Memorial Fund” has been established to assist his family at this time of loss and sorrow.  Contributions can be made in person or by phone at any America First Credit Union Branch.

Services for Chase Nielsen include a viewing at the Hyrum North Stake Center, 245 Apple Drive, Hyrum UT from 6-8 pm on Friday, March 15, and again on Saturday morning from 10 – 11 am. Funeral Services will be held in the same location Saturday, March 16 at 11 am.  Interment will follow at the Roy City Cemetery.

Many thanks are extended to Great Western Park and Playground, the Hyrum EMT team, the Cache County Sheriff’s Department, and the ER at Logan Regional Hospital.
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We will miss Chase so very, very much.  His laughter, his love for his children, his adoration for his sweet wife, his devotion to learning and constant desire to make a better life for his family.

We love you Chase.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this. During the service, I too was disappointed that more time wasn't spent on talking about his life with Emily and their cute kids. My thoughts and prayers are with your entire family.

  2. Dana,
    You've always had such a wonderful way with words!! What an amazing tribute!! Thank you so much for sharing!! We hope many people will take the opportunity to read this! (Seeing the American flag at the funeral, we were curious if he had served our country!) Grateful to know the "rest of the story!" Sending many prayers & much love to ALL!!! MUCH LOVE, ALWAYS!!!!!

  3. I'm so sorry to read of your loss. What a beautiful testimony of his life.

  4. Dana,
    I loved this. I too hope this will be shared with many others. I had not had much of an opportunity to spend much time with Chase, but when we were there in January and got to spend Henry's birthday with him, I was so impressed with his gentle nature with Grace and Henry. It was so apparent the deep love he had for them and his commitment to being a good dad. My prayers are with Emily and her sweet children. Love you all!

  5. Beautiful post, thank you for writing this. We send our love and hope you will all find comfort and peace to get through these difficult days.

  6. I follow your blog as often as I can and you can be assured, although we do not know one another, I will pray for Emily, Grace and Henry as often as I recall them. My dear friend lost a son unexpectedly and his wife was due in a few month with their first child. You, or Emily might have some comfort in reading Judy's blog, she writes with a friend who also lost a husband in his twenties (to a heart attack). It is Bless you and your family at this difficult time.

  7. Thank you for a touching tribute. Our thoughts and prayers have been with and continue to be with Emily and the entire family. We love you all.

  8. Dana, you are a wonderful writer. Through your eyes it is easy to see what a extraordinary man Chase was and how missed he will be. I am sorry that Emily and all of you have to go through this great pain.


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