Sunday, February 12, 2012

Folded Books

I tend to go overboard when I find something I love to do.  My current passion is folding books. Luckily for me it has proved to be a hobby that even makes a little bit of money!  The summer before last I began folding patterns and shapes, and participated in a WONDERFUL handmade art fair, Bijou Market, that was held in a pear orchard. Here's the  link to that post if you'd like to see pics from that event.(

At that time I was really wanting to learn to fold WORDS into the pages of books... And now, I have!!  I think this is really my niche.  I love looking for just the right books and choosing just the right word(s).

As with all my creative endeavors, I rarely keep any for myself.  Each time I've folded a book for my house it has left with a visitor or been purchased through my etsy shop.  I think I'll fold one to keep soon!

Here are a few MANY of my favorites:

A Love Story {just right for any day or anytime}

Akiva {special order, name}

Believe {this was for Christmas, the cover was pinecones and hollyberries}

{star} Cal {star}
for a brand new baby

Although this is my son's name, this was a special order last name

special order - check out the cute endpages peeking out

This is just a pillar fold, but I LOVE the endpages, they are flocked.

Gardner (my maiden name... folded for my brother's family)

H {heart} H
one of two folded for a wedding


{This is one of my favorites, the red on the end is a little heart.}

This one is the very first word book I folded.

a book of few pages with a heart.

J {heart} K
from a thoughtful husband for a loving wife

folded into the pages of a much loved, and therefore retired, library book

last name

vintage children's book

another vintage find -- cool cover

This was a poetry book.  I love how the page frames add to the overall look.


The Coles
This photo is blurry, but I liked this idea.  It was a wedding order.

(a Halloween request)

for a Bat Mitzvah

Hmmm.  If you've looked at all of them you are a trouper!  If you'd like to order, my Etsy shop address is:

Everyone ought to have a creative outlet... What's yours??