Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Update and a New Plan

It seems that I only blog in spurts.  I'm going to change that and blog at least weekly. :)  Well, at least that's the plan.

I spent the summer working on this nifty new blog design with the EXPERT help of Lindsay at Happy Potamus Designs.  What a dream experience.  She could read my mind!  I filled out her questionnaire, sent virtual color swatches, told her I was an old woman at heart {you know, I love doilies and fringe!), and POOF I had a blog design I loved. -- She may not quite agree with the POOF part since she had to be the mind reader, but honestly, she made it a fun party and was patient and kind through the process.

Somehow, during this process I have amassed more than 100 followers!  I am planning a couple of prize giveaways and sharing of some nifty products.  Please have patience as I learn to be a real blogger.

For now, please check out my blog. I'm especially happy with the Recipes link.  I've just begun creating the "book" but I will continue to add recipes that our family loves.  If I post it I promise its a keeper at our house.

Check out the other links in the header bar too.  I hope you enjoy your visit at my little place in cyberspace and I DO plan to blog more often.  "See" you soon!