Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I love the word INVINCIBLE.
I want to be INVINCIBLE.

One of my summer goals was accomplished by my son.  I was tired of these old UGLY, and boring file cabinets in my classroom.

I'd seen a cute photo on Pinterest and wanted the CUTE ones shown there.  My son has an auto-body shop owner-friend and they agreed to give these drawers a makeover.  I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

They are still old filing cabinets with some quirks (like the top drawer that won't shut quite all the way and the drawer with the dent) but they are so much more pleasant to look at!  I'm pleased.

The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings and Pete the Cat live on top of the cabinets along with our little school mascot, the Lincoln Leopard.

I like the spot of sunshine they seem to be. AND whenever I need a pick-me-up I read the labels above the drawers.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A new baby love....

I am behind on blogging, and my reasons are good.  A new baby and a new school year.

This post is for the new baby. :)

Emily had her new baby in August, and he is a doll.  His name is Silas Clark. She most often calls him Si.  He is a content little fellow much loved by his Mama and big sister and big brother, not to mention grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. His daddy is missed by all and we are sorry he is missing the joy of life here on earth. --

Silas and Clark are both family names. Great, great, great grandpa names.  Clark, however, is his uncle too. A mighty proud uncle.

We are all quite delighted with this new little addition to our family.

My favorite photo of him so far is this one that his Mama took to make a birthday greeting for Si's Grandpa when Si was 3 weeks old:

We love his wrinkly forehead.  He often has the "little old man" look of wisdom.

Our Emily is doing well.  She keeps her chin up and takes very good care of her sweet little family.  We are glad she is nearby and that we enjoy daily interactions with them.  Family photos are on the agenda in the near future. I look forward to sharing the whole clan.