Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getting Ready for the Holiday Season...

I love to craft, but never quite know how to do it in small bits.  This year I decided to learn to make mittens from recycled sweaters. It has been a party at my house and we are buried in felted wool. I've made about 35 pair so far and my daughters and a few assorted friends have jumped on the bandwagon with me to make more.  We love the hunt for the sweaters and surprise of how they turn out when they are felted. -- We've accosted people at church to "compliment" them on their sweaters and add, "Is it wool????"  It is now impossible to look at a wool sweater without wondering just what it would look like felted.

The mittens are fun, but some sweaters don't quite felt right for mittens. Perhaps they are too thick or too thin. Well, they make WONDERFUL handbags! The part I like best about making purses is that you never really know what style the bag will be until the purse is done. It's kind of like the wool "speaks" and poof the purse jumps out. Now I know that sounds really strange, but it seems true as it happens.

For this holiday season felted wool is my fabric of choice.

Merry Christmas!