Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Family -- At Home

My family at home has changed dramatically over the last few years. The children have grown. They've gone on missions, moved out, gone to college, married, divorced ( :(  ), moved home, moved out, married ( :) ) and now our once full house is seeming rather empty. Only one son remains at home with us (well, that is he sleeps here and eats here most of the time) and since he is old enough to make any of the above mentioned choices,we'll soon join the ranks of the empty nest club.

Chris and I are the happy parents of 4 wonderful children, all of them mentioned many times previously on this blog. We are delighted with them and the good choices they are making. We love the fact that grandchildren are entering our hearts and home. ~~

We'd been married 13 1/2 months when baby #1 joined us. I remember the drive to the hospital that HOT July day in Phoenix, Arizona! I recall saying to Chris, "It will never be the same again." And, it wasn't. It was far better than we ever expected!

We are fortunate that  all of the grown children live within 3 hours of home at present. We get together often and enjoy spending time together. Some of our favorite activites are:

* playing Scrabble
* the Isaac Asimov quiz on Sunday evening
* cooking together -- and of course, eating
* reading and writing (the kids are all great writers!)
* playing "beauty shop" - the girls don't believe the boys should sport unibrows!
* playing "Name That Tune" with HUGE music collections
* popcorn and movies -- we have a theater-size popcorn machine and we LOVE it
* in the spring and summer we love to fly kites, fancy ones that look like dragons and pirate ships

Chris and I are still busy making new resolutions to find ways to re-connect with the children growing and going their own ways.  For Christmas, he gave me season tickets to WONDERFUL theater productions about 3 hours from home. We look forward to the time in the car to visit on the drive back and forth. We'll make a weekend of it when we can. We love to travel and see new places. I'm sure we'll work in some plans for something exciting in the future.

We also love to have company.... We dream of owning a bed and breakfast someday... Maybe right here at home. We'll see. Maybe someday you'll visit our fair city and stay here, at "The White Silk Purse."