Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Abundance..."Overflowing Fullness"

On this fine day, my birthday, it seems appropriate to speak of abundance. I am grateful for so many wonderful things and people in my life....and today I think I will name 50 of them. I will leave it to you to decide how I chose that number :)

1) A dear husband who always seems to love me no matter what.
2) My Jared. #1 son who whistles when  he wants me, married a perfect woman, and has always been a good example for his mom (and everyone else who knows him.)
3) Emily, the daughter who sticks to what she wants to do and sees a goal through to the end ... even if the going gets tough. Go Em!!!
4) Anna, the daughter who sees the bright side of all things at all times. She is the sunshine of our lives.
5) Clark, our Superman. Wise beyond his years and dedicated 1000% to what he believes.
6) Michael, Gracie and ? -- The best grandbabies any Grammy could wish for!
7) My lovely home: The White Silk Purse.
8) My brothers. Four fine men. (And their families, of course.)
9) A job I love. There is something to smile about every day.
10) Lucy, my sweet Yorkie. Hard to believe she'll be 5 years old this spring:)
11) My car. It takes me anywhere I want to go.
12) Heat.  There is snow on the ground and heat in my house.
13) Health...
14) Computers. I do remember life without, but I don't want to try it now.
15) Friends who share their talents:
16) Dottie who grows my garden.
17) Shirley who sews my clothes and knows me as well as I know me.
18) Deb who makes me cards and plays the piano for me.
19) Jackie who keeps me in cookies and plays the piano for me.
20) Kit who demonstrates the fine art of empathy.
21) Rosie who is all a good friend should be and more.
22) Mudd, my daughter shared with another mom -- my friend.
23) Books -- life would be such a bore without books.
24) My sewing machine.
25) My book club -- the conversations, the laughter, the friendship, the fun. (Em, Marie, Zanette, Christy, Felice, Shirley, Lucile, and me.)
26) Family doctors who KNOW our family. (And believe the mom.)
27) My pantry and the food therein.
28) Mousetraps and a son who empties them.
29) My iPhone.
30) Of course, the Church and every thing associated with it.
31) Great room mothers for my class.
32) Aunts and Uncles -- I want to grow up to be just like them!
33) The four seasons. I love living where the seasons change.
34) My internet "friends." I like the information and ideas gleaned and shared in cyberspace.
35) Sweaters, especially wool ones.
36) Electric blankets.
37) Spare time.
38) Meeting new people and building relationships.
39) Lists. I am such a list maker I couldn't function in life without my lists.
40) A mom who taught me how to label things. Labels keep order in my home :)
41) Paper towels -- they ought to be Brawny.
42) Abbie: Woman of patience and love. The MOST Christian person I have ever known.
43) TV, but only for the old channels and Public Television. (Perry Mason, Dick VanDyke, I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, Antiques Roadshow, etc.)
44) Primary Songs -- and children to sing them.
45) The country I live in, the USA. I get to say the pledge every day. What a blessing!
46) Safety: I can walk my dog day or night and feel safe in my neighborhood.
47) The theater: I love live theater. I especially love opera and am fortunate to live near an Opera Company, Utah Festival Opera.
48) The garbage man who hauls away the trash every week.
49) Choices and the freedom to make them.
50) However many more birthdays come my way... I'm not even middle aged yet if you count from the life of my Grammy who lived to 104. Sweet!

As you can plainly see, I enjoy abundance in every area of my life. I am truly blessed. It's hard to stop once you get going with this kind of a list. I'll save more for another day.


  1. what a great approach to this topic. I really enjoyed reading your list as I too am thankful for many similar items. (had a giggle or two as well, that is good)

    Happy birthday

  2. Happy Birthday! I love how much of your abundance reflects your family and friends...good stuff.

    btw...feel free to snitch :-)

  3. It's funny about a list...it can either be really easy to write, or take a while to get to 50. It's been fun to read yours!

  4. Happy Birthday! The choice to be grateful in all aspects of our life just creates more abundance!

  5. Feliz Cumple! What a great way celebrate a birthday. I think I'll do that next week on mine - make a list of 32 things I'm thankful for.

  6. I'm number 3!?!? sheesh. what's a girl gotta do to be #1? Love you Mama!


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