Monday, August 24, 2009

Brand New Pencils, Brand New Books....

Well, day 3 of a brand new school year is complete and I am a happy teacher! Every year I get the most wonderful first grade students on the planet, and this year it seems especially true. There are many things to smile about each day,... One of the first things I do each year is make sure we can all say the pledge appropriately and respectfully. Following the pledge we sing, "You're a Grand Old Flag." As I watched the children singing I noticed that the words, according to one young man, were "...every heart BEEPS true." :)

This time of the year is also BIRTHDAY SEASON at the White Silk Purse. We had the summer bash yesterday and celebrated 7 Happy Birthdays all at once. Many happy returns to Jared (28), Monica (32), Clark (20), Michael (3), Chris (52), Emily (25), and Jackie (17)! We had burgers, dogs, chips, baked beans, potato salad, lemonade and mint brownies with candles for the birthday folks. Yum.

Have I mentioned that I love canning season too? I've been busy with jams, jellies, pie fillings, berries and salsa. I always feel so "settled in" when I have full bottles on the shelf. Not to mention that it just looks cool! My mother in law likes to have them out where everyone can see them. Maybe a good idea! Beauty in a bottle.

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