Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pressing Forward

Emily's little family is in pretty good shape for the shape they're in!  They continue to miss Chase terribly, but they are finding a new normal for their lives. Em is busy, busy, busy as you can imagine.

They were gifted a family photo shoot and Em is grateful for the lovely photos. (Thank you Shandalyn Call.)

Emily, Henry, Silas and Grace
We remain grateful they live only a few blocks from us and that we see them daily.

Grace started Kindergarten this fall and is doing well. She is learning to write and spell and we find notes everywhere! She LOVES to decorate cookies. (She attends the same school where I work. :)

Grace, age 5

Henry began a special needs pre-school at Utah State University this month.  His mom was nervous about his first day, but he marched right in!  He recently began using an iPad with a special app (Speak for Yourself) that  assists with communication. (His was born with Pierre Robin Sequence and cannot speak.  He is loving his new-found help!)

Henry, age 2 3/4
Baby Silas was safely born in August. I was invited to the birth and shed tears of gratitude for a brave daughter who, with tears of joy, embraced her new baby boy welcoming him with the words, "I'm so glad you are finally here!" over and over again. -- He is a happy, HEALTHY baby with a calm soul.

Si, age 2 months

I continue to be amazed at Em's  determination to keep things "normal." She takes her children on outings, plays at the park, helps her newly expecting sister, completes her visiting teaching, takes treats to those in need, and generally focuses on things of worth. I know that some days are better than others for her, but with her faith, the prayers of many,  and helping hands from many friends, neighbors and her extended family Em is keeping it all together.

I continue to be grateful for her siblings, her wonderful sister and brothers, and their families who are always on call. There are some things you just can't say aloud in public, and sometimes not at all, but her siblings are "at the ready" and have been blessed with intuition to KNOW.

And here is a more realistic peek at her life:

This one is actually the favorite... It is the MOST true to real life!

Many continued act of service have blessed her family as time has marched on:

  • Babysitting... Finding time to attend the temple, go to the store without 3 helpers, and just spend a few minutes breathing are important to any mom. A cute young woman in our ward has arranged to tend for Em on Thursday evenings for about 3 hours.  What a blessing!
  • Household help.  Two delightful women pop in once a week for an hour or two. Emily doesn't know how she'd keep everything done without their help.
  • Notes and visits of encouragement.
  • Some of the younger girls in our ward have volunteered to come play with the children now and then ... Mommy's Helpers.  It's amazing what can be accomplished when the children are occupied with "friends."
  • And sometimes, little gifts of money, gift cards, etc.  And, always it seems, just when it's needed the most.


  1. So nice to see the photos. And glad to hear she is making it through these difficult times.

  2. Oh, the good that family can do for one another! Bless her resilient spirit, and the hearts that taught her how to feel hope!


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